GIT configuration with integration server (IS)


Can anyone help me to configure GIT as a version control system with webMethods Integration server and designer.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Gaurav,

as there is no WmGIT-Package for the VCS feature in the IS it will not be possible to configure it in IS.

For Designer you will have to install an appropriate Eclipse plugin.

What is your wM Version?


we are using wM 9.10.

While WmVCS does not support Git, it is possible to use Git in 9.10 through Designer and the local development feature. The local development feature is part of the Designer Workstation workflow. Instead of having a development IS server that multiple developers connect to using Designer, every developer has a local IS server installed on their machine. The Designer can then connect to that IS, and you can use Git to manage version control of the packages. This integration is provided through the use of the Eclipse Git Team Provider 3.4.x

Please take a look at the Using the Local Service Development Feature section of

Hope this helps you.


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