Getting Symbol that convert to unicode from SAP

Hi All,

I’m still new with EAI. Want to ask some question.
I have integration from SAP to EAI and EAI to DB (via WebAPI)

SAP to EAI → Using JMS + Listener and Listener Notification
EAI to DB → Call API to feed the data

Last week when the SAP team triggered the data from the SAP function Module for our testing, we got some error which is there are symbol out of nowhere attached with the data (as per logs check)

The correct:
BNAME: 1029383
The error:
BNAME: [symbol]1029383 → at logs and at our DB it will be convert to unicode which is \u0001\u0000\u0000\u00001029383

The conversion of the symbol to unicode make the rest of others like SMTP, SYSID is wrongly assigned and missing as the field set from SAP for BNAME are only 8 CHAR.

I already tried to use replace (regex) function by looping on each files to replace the unwanted symbol, but it’s not working.
I can’t find where the symbol coming from and the root cause of this.

Please help me! *crying