Getting partner information

Hello all,

I’m actually developing a solution and I have a little problem. Knowing that a partner has logged on using certificate authentication (instead of login/password), how can I retrieve his partner information (IDs, etc…)? Are there some Java classes that provide this kind of functions?
Another question that comes up with this kind of authentication: what does the method Service.getUser().getName() return if certificate based logon has been used?

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Matthias Suter


The administrator must map each client certificate to a particular IS user [via the “Client Certificates” option in the GUI] before a user can authenticate via a client certificate. This means that whether users authenticate via basic authentication, or client certificates, you still use the same methods to return their userID.

If you download the PSUtilities package from Advantage you’ll find the service:


Which will return the IS User name of the authenticated user.


Ok so I can have the login information for a given user, even if he has logged on with a certificate.

But is there any relation between a login user and his partner information stored in TN?
I have to access a TN partner using his login information but it is possible that this partner dosn’t exist in TN and I have to handle both cases (existing and non existing TN partner corresponding to login user). How can I make the difference?