Getting Output in VS 2005 From WSDL Generated in IS 6.1

I am having trouble getting the output in vs 2005 using C# and in Eclipse using Java code for a simple service that we are calling via SOAP-RPC call.

Generated the WSDL from the Developer Tool. I can import the WSDL and I can run the code with no issues and see the service was called. Only issue is that the C# and Java Code never receive the output. I tried looking in a bunch of the objects but I cannot find the output anywhere. I have hardcoded all the values in the XML for testing purposes just to see if I can get a response, no luck.

Can someone point me to come C# code that receives the data back from the service via SOAP-RPC or point me in a direction where the output data might be?

Uploaded the WSDL and C# code for reference. Any help or insight is appreciated.
serviceLineStatus_DEV_NEW.wsdl (10.2 KB)
c#Code.txt (1.26 KB)

A web services connector uses a WSDL to generate a (crude) Flow service that is used to consume an existing web service. It plays no role whatsoever in providing a web service that can be consumed by a .Net client. Using a web services connector to generate a Flow from your WSDL is a limited test of your WSDL and of your service, but not much else happens.

There should be a couple of examples here and on Advantage of using a .Net client to consume a web service operation described in a WSDL as well as thousands of examples on various Microsoft web sites.

You can also use a web services testing tool such as the Personal Edition of CrossCheck Network’s SOAPSonar to use your WSDL to generate and send a test message that will consume your test IS service. Sonar is a .Net product, BTW.



Thanks, I figured out the issue. I will check out that ptoduct though.

What was the fix/resolution,just curious…

I forgot/overlooked creating a new variable of the output type and making an assignment call to the interface. Brain gstopped working as I thought this had to do with another webMethods issues I ran into previously. Pseudo code below:

wsdlclass.type outputx = new wsdlclass.type;