i can get get output from web service

can you tell me any one

I have created a service which is doing xmlstring to xmlstring conversion.like i give a xml string to input and get response as xmlstring. this service is properly working. now i want to make it as wsdl file. so i invoke wsdl and give protocol =SOAP RPC and transfort=HTTP.WSDL file is generated.then i invoke web service connector and give wsdl file. it is aslo generated.now i am running webservice and give input as xml data but i can n’t get output

The same problem iam facing. I have developed service for XML to XML conversion. Its working fine in Developer console. I have created wsdl file too. Then created WebService connector and gave wsdl file and SOAP-RPC protocol. I have runned webservice but iam not getting output. If you get any solution please let me know.

did u define any output variable in ur flow service?


It is server side issue. later i got results. ask your IS Admin. what is your error message. batch is created in server