Calling web service from IS 46 no data passed

I’ve created a simple “Hello World” web service from VB .NET. It takes in a string and returns “Hello”&String. When running the service from .NET , it works fine.

I used the WSDL file to generate a web service connector in wM 4.6. When I invoke the helloWorld wM service, it does not return the Hello&String value. It returns the original value.

Also, this is actually pretty cool, if I leave the .NET web service running with a breakpoint, and invoke the wM service, it will step into my .NET web service code. From there I see the input value is Nothing.

Some things I’ve noticed: The generated wM service inokes the soapHTTP service, but most samples I see use soapRPC. Also, in the IS command window, I see this message: “000438 [B2BCORE.0050.0004] Copy failed: (Simple) No source data available: to=/
HelloWorldResult(0), from=/soapBody(0)/HelloWorldResult(0)”

Any help is much appreciated

I will attach the WSDL file in case anyone is interested:

The WSDL determines whether the Developer will create a soapRPC or soapHTTP call so it’s probably the WSDL.

I’ve looked at other .NET web services created by wM and they all use soapHTTP, so that seems ok.

My real problem is that no data is being passed to the web service. And by stepping through the application during run-time , the input parameter is Nothing versus “”.

Any ideas on why it’s not sending data?

There is a bug with the webMethods IS 4.6 when generating a Web Service Connector. This will not be addressed with another patch and the suggestion from wM is to upgrade to 6.0. What needs to be done from the developer standpoint is after the wM Generation process , the connector was missing a value in the namespace field. So I had to hard-code it, and at that point, data was sent to the web service successfully.

Just in case anybody was wondering! :wink: