Unable to Generate webServices from WM wsdl

Ok, I have a web Service published on an Oracle OC4J App Server for which I can generate a web Service connector and consume via SOAP-RPC.

I then generated
Pkg: TestWS
Folder: docTypes
document: wsOutput
exchRate String
Folder: JDBC
testWS Connection
Folder: Utils
CustomJDBC “select todays_rate from exch_rate where country_Name=?”
getExchange Flow Service
pipelineIN: countryName String
pipelineOut: DocRef to wsOutput named getRateOut
:getRateOutput:results:exchRate mapped to DocRef:exchRate
(all others vars dropped in pipelineOut)
I set execute to Anonymous

I can invoke this WS from URL
and get Results

getRateOut exchRate 1.181482
countryNameList Canada

If I generate WSDL and try and create a connector to it from another package I never get anything in the soap-return
The document generated for output is empty unlike my external WS which has a return document and SOAP-FAULT document

When I test the wm generated WebService I get this in my pipeline after SOAP-RPC


When Invoke my externally generated WS I get
<textout>Hello There Integration Server!</textout>

Here is the generated WSDL from wm.
I have been looking online and at the WebServicesDevGuide.pdf but have not found the key to my mistake.



getRateSOAPRPC.wsdl (2.0 k)

Some followup Information,
I created my output document (wsOutput) in exactly the same format as the output from JDBC adapter server which is

and in the pipeline I remapped the toplevel output to this new document type.
I regenereated WSDL and just for a lark I generated a server side stub for this in another java development tool and I was given 2 classes for the document
wsOuptut which contains an array of results
which contains a string exchRate
public class wsOutput
private results public class results
public class results
{ private String m_exchRate;
But wm Would not generate an output document from that WSDL.

Okay, my bad
Or maybe not. What i needed to do , or what worked for me anyway was
on input/output tab of the Flow Service specify what my output type was to be and make sure I mapped that variable properly as the result of the Flow…