Getting Error creating login context using ticket cache: Unable to obtain Principal Name for authentication while connecting to impala


We are trying to configure impala using JDBC adapter. We created below connection string for other properties.

url={jdbc:impala://:;AuthMech=1;KrbRealm=; KrbHostFQDN=; KrbServiceName=impala/@;SSL=1;SSLKeyStore=n01keystore.jks;SSLKeyStorePwd=;UID=;PWD=}

but it is ending up with the error mentioned in subject line.

Can anyone help to proceed further ?

Impala is secured with kerberos ssl authentication

Thanks in advance

Hi Anamika,

It seems you are using the Cloudera Impala Driver to connect to Impala using the webMethods JDBC Adapter via the Kerberos based authentication. While we have not certified the same ideally this should work. Can you please raise a support incident for the same via Empower for further pursuance.

Suresh P.N.V.S. Ganta
Senior Product Manager
API, Integration & Microservices

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