Getting an error when running the importFINItems service

Hello Everyone,

I am getting a weired error whenever i try to load a SWIFT FIN Item using the service,

Could not run ‘importFINItems’. importFINItems: Exception -;)Ljava/lang/Object;

Thanks in Advance,

Have you try to run the service with all the boolean parameters to false ?

What version of IS and WmFin to you have ?

Hi Arnaud,

For 1st question… No, I haven’t set all the boolean parameters to false. Only ‘CreateTPA’ field I set it to false.

For 2nd Question… My IS verson is 8.2 SP2. and My WmFIN package version is

I don’t know why I am receiving this error :sad:. But, I am thinking, probably a bug in the SWIFT package :rolleyes:.

Please add more information if you have.



The issue has been resolved now. As my guessing was correct, there was a bug in the WmFIN SWIFT Package.

The following fixes has been provided by Software AG, when we contacted for this error.

  • webMethods SWIFT Module 7.1 SP1 Fix 6
  • webMethods eStandards Common Framework 7.1 Fix 10

Hope this helps anybody facing some issues in latest SWIFT FIN 7.1 packages.