getLastError not extracting error from JDBC,Siebel Adapters

Hi Guys, I have a strange problem where I could not retrieve the error message thrown by a JDBC or Siebel Adapter service in the catch block, below is my flow
Try/Catch sequence(exit on success)
Try sequence(exit on failure)
flow steps(JDBC,Siebel Adapters etc)

CatchBlock(exit on done)
error handling logic

when I run the adapter by itself, I can see the pop up error message, but when debugging in flow, I could not get the error in the getLastError>pipeline document in catch block, and the strange thing is I can see the error in IS Server logI[/i]

Hi ,

Check for flow step by step …check your sequence also…
can you share the screen shot of above flow…so we can seen the basic structure .


I remember we got the same problem in the past.We found that the getLastError was not the first step in in the Catch block (Exit on Done).
Check if that is not the case with your code.

What is the transaction type being used on the connection? Are you doing any transaction management in your code?