Get Scenarios from Apama when create an Apama Event Source

I’m following the Streaming Analytics Tutorial - Exercise to create an application for monitoring and detecting frauds in stock trading.
In the exercise 27, Configure data source connections in MashZone, at the step 3 ask to create an Apama Event Source.
When I put the Apama url as localhost:15903 and I try to get the Apama Scenario it shows an the following error :
“JBPMZCE0332 - Error communicating with Event Service. Apama connection failed after 10 attempts.”

Is there anything wrong?
I think I followed all step in the tutorial.

Thanks for advance.
José Pascual

I’ve launched the Apama Application another time and viewing the logs in the Designer I’ve seen this Server socket opened listening on

Then I’ve tried this url in the MashZone NG and I’ve tried to get scenarios, and the operation is done correctly.

Do you know what is happen?