Get dump of database

I am newby at webMethods and my main programming language is C#, so I didn’t really work with eclipse.
I faced with the problem to get the dump of database. I’ve created JDBC adapter with connection to my database and I can perform operations on the database like Select, Update, … But I don’t understand how to get my table data to .csv file. If I perform Select without any conditions I can save results in XML. But I don’t need it in XML, I want all this data in .csv file. Is it possible? Please help me with this problem.

If you want to extract the table contents into a .csv file, you must use flat file handling in webMethods. For more information refer the flat file developers guide from SAG documentation.

And also lets see what others have to say about this.

Thank you, M@he$h!

Could you please provide me the link to this guide? I didn’t find this one.

You can download the guide from the below link, I hope you have the access :slight_smile:

Yes, I have the access. Thank you!