Generating Service Reference Documentation

I’m thinking about extending]PackageDoc to create PDF and/or RTF output. The approach would use XSLT and FOP. The intent is to create a service reference for custom packages that looks similar to the wM Built-in Services Reference.

Before diving into this, as it looks like it will more than a few hours of effort, I wanted to guage the interest in such a tool.

Sounds like it would be a neat and useful tool. I can see it being especially useful for custom utilities packages.

Hmmm. Seems like fairly low interest. I still might do it for the technical fun, but there doesn’t appear to be very much demand.

If you want some help in the technical exercise, I’d be willing to offer aid I did vote indicating interest also.

It’s probably because some people are afraid that if your tool gets accepted, they will be forced to start adding comments to their services. :wink: