I’m just exploring all this via Forte. What I am looking for is a way to pass the the xml results to my own classes that use XalanJ2 to transform the document with a particular stylesheet.

Perhaps this is an alternative to the way the view.jsp works now for a single or multiple results. For example the user may wish to export/print one or more xml documents (without the user interface) according to a specified XSL stylesheet.

If JDOM is involved perhaps there is a way to access the document from the JSP and even specify the jdom adapter to use… I can imagine some folks passing it to their own tag libs or, like me, to a stylesheet cache for transformation…

Well, I haven’t dug too deep past the jsp offerings. Nice to have a rapid prototyping tool.

Here is the code to obtain the Business Document for any JSP page.
Just insert it at the top of your JSP page and then you can do whatever you want.

ModuleInstance mI =(ModuleInstance) session.getValue(“bdProp”);
System.out.println(“Document ID " + mI.getDocumentId(“current”));
BusinessDocument doc = mI.getDocument(“current”);
String donorID = doc.getDescendant(”/Donor/@DonorID").getValue();