Generating EDI 855 ack

I’m using TN for receiving EDI 850 (X12.v4010) Document. I need to generate and send EDI 855 as acknowledgement. Can anyone tell me what service to use to generate the same & what service to use to send it to the SENDER?

Pragalathan M.

Basically you have to manually build EDI 855 (Accept/Reject/Pending order) mapping flows based on the trading partner guidelines and pulling some of the 850 PO information such as OrderID,Delivery request dates,shipto,payment information etc…) if required.Once you have created edi 855 using WmEDI services (convertToString,addICEnvelope)route the document to TN via routeXML and deliver the document to trading partner.

Please go thru the webMethods EDI Module Users Guide for building and processing EDI documents.

Also you can automatically generate and send 997 FA proof or receipt for received 850 transaction etc.

Bottom line is there is no automated service that does 850 to 855 PO Ack conversion,please follow the comments as mentioned above.



Typically an 855 is generated by the back-end system (SAP for example) when the inbound 850 is posted as a sales order. This basically “closes the loop” indicating not only that the EDI 850 has been received by wM, but that it has been successfully posted to the sales application. You can also transmit additional data (sales order number, delivery date changes, etc.) via the 855, but the source of this would be the sales application.

If you simply process the inbound 850 in wM and generate an 855 based on that, you are essentially sending an FA (997) with extra details and this is probably not what the customer is expecting.