Generate Adabas Updatescript when changing FDT in PRD

Hi ,

i’m looking for a unix shellscript which calls Predict in batchmode and generates an adabas updatescript to update FDT in adabas if filedefinition in predict changes. customer wants to start such a script with startup parameters database and filenumber and this should do predict generation process for adabas update scripts.

Does anybody have something like this already ?

Dirk Holbeck

You have to call natural with the following command:
natural parm= BATCHMODE CMSYNIN=cmobjin.txt CMOBJIN=cmobjin.txt CMPRINT=batch.out

The file cmobjin.txt has to contain the Predict commands. It may look like this:

logon sysdic
gen af

You may also use environment variables to address cmibjin.txt.

The results are written into file batch.out

Hi Stefan,

many thanks for the quick answer, i think that’s exactly what i was looking for.