Error: File is not a predict-file

Hello all!

I’ve installed Nat for Linux (including development server) on our Linux-server. Afterwards I started the SPoD-Server.
From the Windows-Side, I can access the environment. This means, I can see all sources etc. But if I want to edit some of that sources, the following error occurs:

File is not a Predict file. Adabas response code: 3148

The specified file is not a Predict file or has an incorrect version.
Predict tests the file it uses (Natural parameter FDIC).
During this test either an Adabas response code occured (e.g.: 17, 52 or
61), the Adabas fields EQ, ER, ES, EU, EV or EW are not within this file
or their definition is incorrect.

On the regarding parameter module, I assigned FDIC to Database 1 File Number 5. During the installation of Natural Development server, the installation routine asked me, if I want to set up a Development-Server-File. I sayed “yes” and a new file No. 5 on ADABAS-Database 1 was installed.

What’s my problem?

Problem is solved. All I’ve done is:
I’ve deleted the script /etc/init.d/sag1ndv21srv and wrote a new one. Maybe it depends on the NATTERM or the PARM environment variable.