FDT from a DDM

We are a small but very important shop in DE.
We currently have no Mainframe DBA but a few people who know enough to be dangerous.
We have many file FDTs that were created using JCL and not Predict but would like to have these files created through Predict for ease of maintenance.

Is there any way to use Predict using the established DDM to re-generate the FDT with the field names as defined including the readable naming conventions assigned to each field? (without re-entering all the field names) We were able to generate a file from a DDM but the file name became the file hyphenated with the file number and the field names were strictly the Adabas defined field names such as AG or AC …

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Predict will include the “Natural names” as comments when generating the FDT or ADACMP, is this what you are looking for ?

HI there,

i look for the same. please provide me some tie .

thank you :slight_smile: