FTP Zip File


Any kind of help on how to ftp a zip file to remote location , will be highly appreciated .

Also , I am quite new to this tool , and am confused how to generate a zip file .

Any suggestions would greatly help .

Thanks ,


You can route/ftp zip file using webMethods public FTP services out of box.

WmPublic/pub.client.ftp (package/folder services) and set the service inputs per the documentation (BIS userguide)

public services to use FTP transmission are
ftp:login (ftp server)
ftp:cd (remote directory)
ftp:put (map the local file(full path and remote file (full paths with .zip) or you need to use getFile (loadAs bytes) and then map it to the content object in the put service with naming remote file name) with transferType = binary
ftp:logout (ftp server)

Ofcourse always put a Error Handling framework to handle all FTP reason code/failures.


Yes that is fine.But I have a number of xml and I want to send it as a zip file to remote location.
Can you suggest any option how to make a zip with a list of xml data and send via ftp.


For making it zip you can either yous OS level commands via flow service or looking in the PSUtilities package there are sample utilities provided for zip/unzip using java service.

You may have to get this package download from Empower site or request SAG support if they can provide it for you:


There is a sample package in the Shareware section that may be useful.