FTP Put file error

Hi all,

I am trying to copy file from One IS server to another. My code has following logic

Login to source server–>FTP Get–> Logout of Source server.
Login to destination server–>FTP Put–> Logout.

i am getting error at FTP put step as mentioned below.

“ServiceException: 553 Could not create file”

is this because of file permisson to write?

Thanks in advance for the help.

check if your user has privilege to write, also check if the filename contain characters that are not allowed in the targeting system

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You can either download the fileFilla, try to connect to the ftp server, and perform the activity like get or put whether you are able to put the file.

Or you can use command prompt, ftp and login to the server, and do the put action

You can check whether the write permission it is granted, or you can test by grant the full control whether you are able to put the file.

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Hi Wang,

Can you be more specific about “check if your user has privilege to write”. i am trying put file with name as TestPackage.zip


login to ftp server with the user which are using and see permissions with ‘chmod’ command to make sure you have write access on that specific FS.


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I could see logged user has write permission.