FTP problem -Can connect from one IS but not from other


I am facing a strange problem with the ftp connection.

we have a machine which is hosting two IS.
IS1 and IS2. They are not in cluster.

The ftp connection used to work from both the server.

When I try to log in from IS1 to the server it just says the following

2008-04-09 14:18:47 MDT [ISC.0064.0024V5] ← 331 Please enter password.
2008-04-09 14:18:47 MDT [ISC.0064.0025V5] → PASS ***********
2008-04-09 14:18:47 MDT [ISC.0064.0024V5] ← 530 Login incorrect.
2008-04-09 14:18:47 MDT [ISC.0038.0002V3] → HTTP/1.0 403 Service Error
2008-04-09 14:18:47 MDT [ISC.0038.0002V3] → Content-Type: text/html;

The error message : com.wm.net.ftpCException:[ISC.0064.9005] 530 Login incorrect. — NO TRIM

but from IS2, I can log in using the same credentials.

I restarted IS1,and the problem got resolved. I wonder what caused this problem.

"The code that we are using here is written long time back by a developer- the ftp log in logic is not handled properly.
The logic goes like the following

  1. ftp:login(host,port,userid,password are only passed…timeout is not set)
    4.check returncode. if returncode>400, signal failure and exit (in the exitfrom nothing is mentioned)

If you could help me to find out the root cause, it will of really gret help.



This might help

Thanks for your reply. My case is completely different.

I can log in to the same server after I restarted IS1.

Before restarting IS1 , I could log in to the ftp server from IS2 and IS3.
except from IS1