ftp:logout throws sun.io.MalformedInputException


The pub.client.ftp service is throwing the error “sun.io.MalformedInputException: null” which is thrown by pub.client.ftp:logout service. The file was being transferred to the ftp server though.

command - put
transfer mode - ascii
transfer type - active
encoding - blank

I am using wM 6.5 SP3 and Java version 1.4.2.

There was no error until recently.

How can I get rid of this error? In test env, we also have the patch IS_6-5_SP2_SrvPrtcl_Fix3 which was applied before installing SP3. In Prod, we have SP3. There is an additional input parameter ‘serverencoding’ for ftp service in Test. When you set serverencoding=ISO-8859-1, there is no error. But in Prod,there is no input parameter called ‘serverencoding’ for ftp service. How will I resolve this issue. Is it ok to install IS_6-5_SP2_SrvPrtcl_Fix3 in Prod even though Prod has SP3?

Your response would be much appreciated.


Hi Pauly,

  If your production environment is in SP3, then the pub.client:ftp should also contain the "serverencoding" parameter.

Also, I would suggest if the IS_6-5_SP2_SrvPrtcl_Fix3 is resolving the issue and it does not affect any other interface, you can apply the fix.