FTP folder view restriction

I am required to configure the webMethods Integration Server4.6 to accomplish following:

  1. As soon as user login in WM FTP port, he can just view the folder structure in which the service he can invoke
  2. The user must be prevent from viewing the other folder structures

There is currently no way to prevent any user who has logged in to an FTP port on the Integration Server from seeing the folder structure. Users can only invoke those services for which they have permissions (as defined by ACLs and port limitations), but they can see the names of all services. So if FTP usage is a requirement, it’s a good idea to avoid giving services or folders names which might be sensitive.

For example, if you don’t want customer A to know that you’re also doing business with customer B, don’t name the services anything that indicate the names of the customers.

This is a known limitation, and is likely to be changed in an upcoming release.

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has this now changed since 2002.

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Is this solved in wM 9.9? I still see the folder complete folder structure as a FTP user.