Free trial on 9.6


I’m trying to evaluate the latest release 9.6 and figured out that free trial only allow to have access to 9.5 images.
Is there any plan to update the images and free trial licenses to the recently released 9.6?


Hi Giuseppe,

I guess still SAG has not posted the free trail (evaluation copy ) on wM 9.6. Only wM 9.5 is available

They might post the new version soon. Even I am waiting for the same :slight_smile:

I hope SAG will join this thread and add the missing information: when 9.6 will be available for free trial?

I hope they are watching this thread and provide us some updates on wM 9.6 free trail.

Lets wait till then :lol: :lol:

Free Trial 9.6 will be coming soon. Stay tuned.

Great…! Keep us updated once it is available.

Version 9.6 is available in installer SoftwareAGInstaller20140415.jar

But I didn’t try to continue…

Worth giving it a try :lol:

We are in process of uploading 9.6 files. You seem to be running the 9.6 installer. Check the name of the image. If it says webMFREEDownload95* then its a 9.5 image. If it says webMFREEDownload96* then you already have the 9.6 image.

But here we are referring to free trail version that is posted on the SAG tech community… The one you see might be a enterprise version.

FREE TRIAL version is now 9.6. If you request a Free Trial download now, you will get install files and license keys for version 9.6.

WOW :lol:

Thanks for the update :smiley:

Not working for me still getting 9.5 installer

@ Navdeep,

Are you sure that the webMethods 9.6 free trial version is uploaded I still the the image [webMFREEDownload95(Win64bit).zip] and license files showing as 9.5 on the download page.

Can you re-check from your end?

If you are using the email that you already have that will give you 9.5. You will need to request Free Download again and the new email will contain the instructions for 9.6 download.

I requested a new email (by clicking on download link and accepted the T&C) and got the new email with the links at Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 10:45 PM.

Am I missing anything :slight_smile:

Let me check on that, there might be a technical issue with email server. Recommend that you try again tomorrow. Apologize for the delay.

Sure… I will check and re-try in a day or two. Thanks…:slight_smile:

Hi Guys,

webMethods 9.6 is now available and ready for download. Have a great time :lol:

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Correct. We had a technical glitch and that has been fixed. Enjoy Free Trial of 9.6.