Forwarding DSP

Can any one tell me how to forward one dsp to another like we use forward in jsp .



You can call a javascript within the dsp which can redirect you to the new jsp. Else you can put

in the dsp header, which should do your job.

-Rajesh Rao

If you’re wanting to do the equivalent of a “forward” you can perhaps use the %include% tag, wrapped in some if tags… Dunno if that really counts, but we’re talking different beasts anyhow…

Or if you want to really go to a bit of extra effort, but a more unique approach I think, you can do it inside the flow code, by selecting the template you want and then running it by calling the built in services in the folder that will do all the DSP execution. It’s more of a dispatcher type architecture. Hell, you can get the DSP text from anywhere…