forum "editing"

are there some types of entries the forum software automatically edits? Is there a problem handling some XML looking entries?

We had some problems recently where Steve Robinson was trying to enter an INIT clause with a value with a decimal eg “1234.67” displayed in the messages as just 123 - anything after the decimal disappeared. I was able to reproduce his problem in a test preview also: INIT < fred.smith > displays INIT. Wrapping with quote or code tags doesn’t help.

Recently the forum blinked after I did a “submit” but the post didn’t appear (ok, maybe I was impatient), so I hit Submit again. Since I can’t delete my entries, I edited the entry to explain by entering in < deleted - due to duplicate entry > and all that was posted was .

I see others are having the same problems. The issue of duplicate entries is cropping up all over - the back end service is slower than before and there’s no indication while waiting that you are still waiting, leading one to click the “submit” button again, creating the duplicate entries.