Omit (or link) duplicate entries


is it possible to omit duplicate thread entries in the same forum and/or link duplicate entries in different forums? An example would be the thread Natural Construct. This thread is contained in the forum “Natural Business Services”, “Natural Basics on Mainframe” twice, "Single Point of Development (SPoD) twice, “Other Add-on Products”.
Except for posting the question in different forums, which is annoying enough but understandable, the duplicates in the same forum make me angry.

If a thread is answered to, the answer should appear in all forums the thread is linked to. Thus the currently two answers to the named thread would be collected and wouldn’t be spread all over the forums.

I don’t think we can do much about multiple posts in different forums apart from letting the administrators know when you see something and we can delete the superfluous topics.

The individual forum moderators should be able to take care of thier own forums.