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I am trying to invoke a format service from a flat file schema. I have created a new flow service “dateFormat” and in the I/O tab, I have specified pub.flatFile:FormatService for the Specification Reference. My question is, I have a field called beginDate in the Schema. How do I get that value passed to the format service? I want to convert the format from 20041231 to 12312004. How do I go about making this happen? Right now all I see in the format service is the input/output, it says the pipeline is not applicable for this step. How can I get from the original date format in the flat file to the new date format outputted to the IData in convertToValues?

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I think we discussed many things about implemeting the formatService logic in this thread.

Anyway here is the problem resolution.

Once you created the flowservice(dateFormat) with I/O tab having with pub.flatFile:FormatService record specification.

So in the FlatFile Dictionary/Schema click on that beginData field then it will show the properties there in the Corner you will see the FormatService tab (click that browse icon and locate your new flowservice “dataFormat” and say OK).
This will solve the problem and then in the pub.flatfile:convertToValues (based on the EDIFFSchema) in output results you should see the expected Dateformat(12312004.).



Here with attached a sample package (FormatService)and look into the dateFormatService logic and you can test this by Running.

If you were satisfied then mention this service in the FlatFile Schema editor Field Properties/FormatService tab which i mentioned above.


FormatService Invoke (6.5 k)


I already have everthing you listed there. I don’t know how exactly to get my date format from YYYYMMDD to MMDDYYYY? I realize the previous posts, but I cannot figure this part out.

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Once you have dateFormat service logic in place then follow these steps:

In the FlatFile Dictionary/Schema click on the recordDefinition then in the properties tab it will show all the fields in that select “beginDate” filed look in the Corner you will see the FormatService tab (click that browse icon and locate your new flowservice “dataFormat” and say OK).

If you are still not clear on this then
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