Sample pub.flatFile:FormatService

Has anyone created a service that utilizes pub.flatFile:FormatService? Can you please provide some sample service?

I’m trying to create one that I can use for my schema/dictionary. I’m just not sure if I’m doing it right. webMethods documents does not really provide an example of the implementation unless you can point me to one.

Thanks for any suggestions.


i wrote a format service to append quotes to a string(flatfile field) ex : “hello”

for this

-created a new service.
-In the new service you need to import the signature parameters of
pub.flatFile:FormatService service .For this open the new service and in
input/output tab click browse and select pub.flatFile:FormatService.

  • Now in the new service use the value parameter to build your logic i.e
    concat quotes etc
    -Next in the ff schema click on the variable for which you want to use the format service .And in the properties–>format service select the new format service you created


Thanks Anil.

I thought that’s how it is implemented. I just wanted to verify.