Format service missing under WMEDIforTN

Version: wM9.5
WMEdi : 9.0

Trying to install TN document types for X12 4010 810 from WMEDI package. Once Installed, I see the some of field definitions like 610, in properties window, I dont see the format service as ‘wm.b2b.edi.util.formatServices:formatN2’. please advise if I am missing anything.

I have updated the format.xml with custom format.xml and replaced original format.xml as format_old.xml and reloaded the package.

Please advise.


You mean this service is not showing which is part of the WmEDI package?


Can you check it more?


Service is available and when we install TN document type for X12 4010 810, it creates a X12 Dictionary under WMEDIforTN package. The field definition 610, does not have property Format service pointing to wm.edi.util.formatservices:formatN2.

Same with other Format services in dictionary, its not pointing to WMEDI. The services are avaialble in WMEDI package.

Then the question goes to SAG support for the EDIModule9.x fix and see if they can advise more.

Atleast in 8.x I don’t see this issue.