Form section presentation

I created a simple app with 1 table (CONTACT) to store customer names, addresses, etc.

The first issue I am up against is that my form (the Default View) does not display in the manner I am used to in LongJump (LJ). The form sections (there are 8) are offered as series of 8 horizontal tabs. I expected a single, long form with the 8 sections listed vertically with all sections not collapsed.

In AgileApps (AA) Help, it states forms sections are collapsible. Also it mentions sections are vertical versus “tabs” are presented horizontal. I assume it is referring to tabs for sections, not the tabs for each object. So, it sounds like you can choose. I don’t see a way to toggle between the sections being displayed as tabs versus all of the sections being listed vertically (which is what I want), as they are in LJ forms.

Appreciate any feedback on this - thanks

Hi Chris,

The forms are different in LongJump and AgileApps. The form sections are vertical in AgileApps and form sections are horizontal and collapsible only in Web Forms of AgileApps. There was a documentation error which has been rectified. For more information, see Section

For any other query, please get back to us.


Thanks for the info. Two more questions…

  1. You state that the form sections are “vertical”, however I consider them to be horizontal, since the sections are displayed as a horizontal line of tabs.

I take horizontal to refer to a line, like the horizon, and vertical to mean a line extending from the bottom to the top of the screen.

I would say the form design canvas lists the sections vertically, and when the form is viewed by the user, the sections are offered as a horizontal line of tabs. Please advise

  1. Is there any plan to offer a form layout like LongJump uses? I find the AA tabs far less efficient since it requires a lot of clicking instead of simply scrolling.

Hi Chris,
Good morning,

Firstly sorry for the delayed reply. You are right! The form sections are horizontal and web forms are vertical with drop-down option. I misinterpreted vertical to horizontal and vice versa. Thanks for the elaborate explanation. I have made the changes to documentation Section

Coming to the second question, as of now we do not have any plan to offer form layout like LongJump app. But i will communicate this concern regarding inefficiency to the team and see if this could be implemented in the future.

Warm Regards,


We are working on a new UI for AgileApps which will be much better than what we have currently.
The details of the new UI will be clearer in the next few weeks.