FORM Based authentication issue

We have configured a package to perform authentication using FORM based authentication (webMethods IS 6.1). The authentication goes thru and the landing page of the package is displayed. However, any subsequent invoking of a service (thru a DSP) again pops up the native webMethods authentication (the pop-up window). This means that the session established with JSP is sort of not getting carried forward to the DSP session. Is this the expected behaviour.
On reverting to native authentication, both the JSP and DSPs work with single authentication.
Are we missing something…

Hello Harish,

Yes we have observed the same behavior. The way we circumvented this was to apply the dsp and then display the final result back in a JSP. This will avoid second authentication.

-Rajesh Rao

Hello Rajesh,
Can u please explain more briefly on what you mean by “apply the dsp and then display the final result back in a JSP”. I am no able to understand it properly.

Thank you

Hello Mayur,

Look at the documentation for service under the WmPublic folder. You can use this service to apply a template, in your case the dsp. The result (of applying the template) which exists in the pipeline can be displayed in the jsp.

-Rajesh Rao