For BAM Do we need both Optimize amp Manager

For BAM, Do we need to use both Optimize and Manager? Will it not be enough to use Optimize or Manager alone?
I am fresh in WM Optimize. Can any of you provide me a detailed information on WM Optimize and Data Collection Agents?

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Hi Ravi,

I have a thread going. Why not read that one up?


Hi Chirag

I have one more doubt in Optimize. While Installing the Controller I kept the Controller HTTP port to a default port of 8080. But in our LAN we use the same 8080 port to access the proxy server. Even when BAM controller service is running I can`t access the BAM Interface. Can I know how to change the HTTP port from default value of 8080 to some other value?

check the conf/local folder. You should find a properties file with a port value.

Hi Chirag
In conf/local folder I can find only a folder called util which contains only file. It does not say about the Controller HTTP Port. So I uninstalled Optimize and installed again with a different port 8181 and now I can see the BAM Interface.


Now I have my controller and satellite in my localhost and DB configured for the optimize. Can you Please give me some tips on how to put satellites and to Deploy & Configure Agents on the remote host where the processes and applications I want to monitor resides.

And also can u pls suggest me how to define monitors for the System/Business processes.

what do you plan to monitor in your environment? Have you read up the documentation? Manager console admin guide is a good starting point to understand deployment of DCA.

Hi Chirag
If I installed the process manager in a separate location from the controller, they say I have to configure the process manager to communicate with the controller. For that they ask to extract and to change it(Ref: BAM Admin Guide Pa.No: 43).

Extract the file from the default.jar file using this command:
jar xvf default.jar default\satellite\

But When I try to extract that file, I am not gettting that properties file from default.jar. What may be the pbm? Can U pls suggest me the solution?

I tried extracting all files from default.jar using jar xvf default.jar command. But that too doesn`t contain satellite\

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Can u please provide me u`r contact no/mail-id, so that I can contact u to clarify my doubts?
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Hi Ravindran,

Post your doubts to the forum. That’s what forum is for.

Hi Ravindran,

I use Manager Console and not optimize.
That specific step is for Optimize, so I guess it does not apply to my installation.