Folder deletion problem

I have a strange problem in deleting an empty folder.I am getting an error which states that interface not defined in package.Any Help?

I have seen the same problem. Our problem came after we defined flows either in the SAP adapter or for the Enterprise Bridge component. Unfortunately, we never found a solution either. Curious to see if anyone else one!!

I’ve seen it - I didn’t spend too much time trying to figure out why.

At any rate, I cautiously edited the subdirectory in the ns directory, to get rid of it.

I have seen similar behavior in Developer, but only after dragging Flow services from one package to another. Deleting packages Flow-by-Flow did not render this (potential) bug.

In any case, Nike_F’s solution to cautiously modify the ns/ directory is a god one.

You can delete the folder in ns folder for that particular package. When you do this, you have to restart your integration server.