Flow Services automatically removed from Integration Server

Hi all,

I hope this is the correct place.

We are working on a project in which we need to migrate our current environments DEV/TST/PRE_PROD/PROD from older webMethods versions 8.2/9.7/9.12 to the new 10.3 version. At the same time we are migrating from broker to UM. We have serveral Integration Server instances.

My problem is that only for one of the new instances i created, Integration server is randomly deleting some migrated flow services plus the new flows we are developing. This is happening at different times in different days.

I provide you part of the server.log of my integration server.

Does anyone get the same issue ?

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serverlog2019_06_06.txt (5.65 KB)

Hi Pasquale,

on which version of your migration chain are you currently encountering this issue?

Did you follow the Upgrade documentation?

Are you migrating each environment separately or are you just migrating the DEV environment and then deploy to a preprard fresh TST/PREPROD/PROD environment?

Anyway, the described issue sounds quite weird.


Hi Holger,

First of all thank you for your quick reply. I’m currently migrating old dev Environment into the 10.3 new Environment on a multi instance server. i followed the upgrade documentation and all seems to work fine for other instances on the same physical server.

It looks weird also to me, anyway i passed the whole morning investigating this issue and it looks like the flow services removed are the one that i locked yesterday.

Do you think that the the two things could be connected ?

Thank you in advance



Are you migrating packages from just ONE IS or are you integrating several origins?

Can you check if the services that disappear still exist on disk? If they are, would a package reload solve your issues?

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Hi Gerardo,

I’m migrating from just one IS, i’m not integrating different origins, the services are not on the disk so the even if i reload the package nothing changes. i augmented the log level and i see that before every delete the service

wm.server.services:serviceDelete is called

it is possible that this service is invoked via http ?

Thank You all for your help