Flow service to parse Excel formatted file?

I’m using WebMethods 10.4. My task is to parse an .xlsx file (NOT a CSV file) and separate parts of it into other files. I want to verify there is no built in WebMethods flow service that helps with this. Is the best solution here to create my own Java flow service and then use a library like Apache’s POI to help parse my file?

Yes, no built in services to parse content in xlsx format. It’s not supported OOTB, you will need Apache POI to do so.

I understand in order to do this I need to add the POI jar files into the Integration Server’s lib directory. Is there any way when the artifact is packaged and redeployed to another server (e.g. promoted to QA) that this can be done automatically? When building with Maven or Gradle, a build script automatically packages dependencies. I’m trying to avoid extra work for the sys admins (e.g. manually copying files to directories)

Hi Dave,

best thing would be to place the jars under code/jars directory of your package which provides access to the poi classes.

In this case the jars will be deployed together with the package when a full package deployment is used.


Hi Dave,

What explained by Holger was the right strategy.

There are some sample Excel handler packages on the community explore them if it does not suit your requirement I can draft a java service for you :slight_smile: