Flow, Document List to Document transformations...

Hi to all.
I’m trying to read a flat file and do some document transformation.
I’m reading the file supposing i’m goind to handle large files.
The problem is, when i have my raw document (from flat file) i try to
convert in a more convenient document where for example i “transform”
two fields (a date part and a time part) in a date field of java type set
as date.
To do this, i have trouble with document list and document transformations.
I have this steps:

== parseFile ===================================

pub.flow:tracePipeline (*)
pub.flow:tracePipeline (**)

== transformRowToItem ==========================

input …: rawDocument
ddate: String
dhour: String
output …: itemDocument
thedate: Object[java.util.Date])

LOOP over ‘/row/recordWithNoID’
MAP (here handle transformation and map results to the output item)

What I would like to obtain is to have a unique itemDocument in the
pipeline at point (**) with a wonderful thedate field as java.util.Date

Instead, if I go in “trace here” mode till “transformRowToItem” all run
correctly. If I run all “parseFile” flow an error occur saying
“Dimension mismatch, List expected”.

I’m using webMethods 6.5
I have tried some forum suggestions without success. I have tried to
use documentListToDocument but I don’t know how to use it… absolutely

Thanks in advance for any help.

Found the answer. The problem is the raw document type created
automatically from the flat file schema. That doc type has a recordWithNoID
set as DocumentList, but when you read file record by record in a REPEAT
it is more better to drop that document type and create a new one
with recordWithNoID set up as Document.
Mapping ffValues of convertToValues to the new document type give a
unique raw document (as expected) and after that, you can add simply a
MAP step with transformations (so the LOOP step can be removed).
This is more readable and run correctly.
Hoping this could help someone else.