Hi all,
How to upload .csv file in webMethods using Flat file schema. The question about how to construct flat file schema correctly?

I have flat file structure:

Record definition
field def
field def
field def

I am using delimeters:

  1. each record newline
  2. each Composite or Field ,
    But no success


What about flatfile structure.How did you define the record and fields in there?


I defined:
Record definition (newline)
field def (,)
field def (,)
field def (,)
But it doesn’t work. Actually service is working, but when I try to parse document into global service. I have error: Illegal file format… Maybe I miss something?
1)I created schema;
2)Created document type (In flat file structure);
3)Used ConvertToString in global service.

Do your records have an identifier? If not and you plan to use a default record definition, you’ll need to define a dictionary holding the record definition.

Thank You all,
You gave me enough information for constructing Flat File schema. Now everything working great. I have file with records (getFile) then these strings are converted (ConvertToValues) and inserted to table, where I have LOOP on table.