Flat Filesintelligent

Hi ,
I am using enterprise server4.1 on which i hva configured oracle and
flat file adapters(intelligent-both).But when i make an insert in oracle the
corresponding record is not written in a file nor a file is created in the
completion directory which i specfied while configuring(flat file adapter).
I hva two fields at source side(productId,Item) which are to be written to
a flat file in a directory.The configured operation step for flat file
is as below:


In (options tab) i specified(parameters):
data to output:t1
Filename to write:c:\completion\temp

In (output mapping) i specified(parameters):

In (input tab) i defined the two field names in oracle–>productid,item

In (output tab)->>
unicodestring file_name
unicodestring fullfilename

After this while creating integration comp…
i assigned this in the operation step of flow chart.

i hva given the cansubscribe option for flatfile(clientgroup).

The flat file adapter settings are:
working directory:c:\test
completion directory:c:\completion(where the file is to be written after an insert)

am i missing anything.am i giving the correct parametrs in the configuration step
ie filewriteoperation

Any advices i wld feel appreciate…


To verify that the environment is ready to handle this event, let’s look at a few common trouble spots first:

  1. Are you using Document Tracker or some other tool to verify that the Oracle adapter is publishing the UDM/Canonical and that the Flat File adapter is receiving that UDM/canonical but not writing the data to file?

  2. Does your target directory (“c:\completion\temp”) exist on your target drive before the Flat File adapter attempts to write to it?

  3. Is there a specified and unique filename that the Flat File adapter is creating with each invocation?

  4. Is the target directory write-protected?

  5. Have you tested the Flat File adapter with dummy input to verify that it is working properly based upon your configuration parameters?

These are rudimentary questions, I know. I just want us to isolate the problem first so that we don’t waste time trying to solve it.

Thanks for sending me the trouble spots.
It worked when i gave the filename to write
c:/completion/temp/ProductsInfo.I was
runnning the adapter in debug mode to see
whether the flat file is rcvng the UDM/Canonical