Flat file adapter Unable to open input file

I am using Flat file adapter with enterprise server 4.1.1
The flat file cannot process the input file (publish the file notification event) when the folder permission settings are not 777. It does process the event if the folder permissions are set to 777. The file is moved to the “input” folder through an ftp-process which uses the same group as that of the folders.

It throws an error for a permission setting of 775 as follows:

09/13/2002 15:19:48.361 FlatFileAdapter (FileAdapter) - System Error:

(57) Could not process publication event type “”
(250) [processPublication] An unprocessed error has occurred during execution.
COM.activesw.adapter.cadk40.AdapterException: (291) Unable to open file ‘’. Cannot perform operation.
java.io.FileNotFoundException: (Permission denied)

Any inputs?


check that the user your adapter runtime is running as has appropriate permissions.