flatfile conversion

i need flow steps for conversion of a flat file to database
i used the following but i m not getting result

convert to values

after these steps which step i have to use to insert data into database

1) Open your flatfile schema
2) Run the flatfile schema service
3) select the sample flatfile data and run the service
4) is it giving correct output?

If above step is giving correct output, you can use converttovalues service to convert your flatfile data to IS Document.

after that you can use your adapter service to insert the values into table/database from IS document.

i m getting correct output if i run the schema
but i m not getting values to adapter service
my problem
i m getting output for convertToValues step
if i mapped that output to adapterservice i m not getting values
i attached my package
PurchaseOrderAddressUpdate.zip (28 KB)

My requirement is to take a flatfile by filepooling from localfolder
and to retrieve data from that flatfile and insert that data into local database and map that values to a canonical document and publish it this at integrationserver1 side work

at another integrationserverside i need to subscribe that canonical document and retrieve data and again that data i have to insert in database
kindly send step by step process interms of flowsteps