Oracle to FileIO

Hi, I’m new on WebMethods, and trying to create just one simple scenario to work out. I’m using WebMethods Enterprise, which is a 5.0.1 version, using the Enterprise Integrator 4.6. Adapters are versions 4.1.1. See the procedures I did:

  • Objective: Insert into Oracle data triggers to send the output writing into a flatfile.

  • Create adapters: Oracle(set account and instance) and FileIO(set the path)

  • Integrator: use Oracle adapter, and create operator for Oracle notifier (Insert). Use FileIO adapter, and create two operators (output with delimiters and write to file).

  • Integrator: create one document type for fields in use for insert into a table.

  • Integrator: create integrator folder, and then, create two components below this. One for notifier and another one for output into a flatfile.

    Notifier: set trigger using the created notifer operator. Set output step mapping into a document.
    flatfile: set trigger to input the document, add operator to create field delimited output into a one parameter, and then, add the other operator to write into a file. All steps mapped.

  • Testing: I did the insert into a corresponding table (Ent.Manager shows me that pings from Oracle to FileIO Adapter). But, couldn’t generate the flatfile into a path set by FileIOAdapter.
    Sorry for this long text. If someone can help or give any advice, I really appreciate. Thanks and Regards,