Flat file transformation with inline LDAP lookup

I have a csv file I’m using as input to a flow service and in it there’s an employee number. I’m creating a different flat file for the output but one of the things I need to do is get the SAM Account name from LDAP using the employee number from the csv file as the input. I’m wondering the best way to do efficiently since there are about 2-3K records in the file. I assume making that many calls against LDAP as the translation is done isn’t the best way but just wanted to check. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Damon,

Each employee will have his own unique ID so if you want to query LDAP using that ID then unfortunately you need to make these many calls. But the best way is to identify a group ID that all the user belongs to and query the LDAP to pull all users in that group with one call. Once you get a list of valid available users then you can write a logic to loop around your input users and details fetched from the LDAP query and then fetch the required details from logic for your individual user i.e. SAM Account name.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you find an alternate solution to this. Also, we wait for other users to respond to this like any short way to query LDAP with some user filter.

Firoz N

I think the above mentioned route will be the efficient solution and by making use of Group ID technique (unless there is one exist already but worth a try) and build further logic with looping consideration on the LDAP output document to extract the individual acct details etc…:slight_smile: