Flat file schema problem

I have a flat file of the following structure
4341236 4341236 SC002230 net_site_fc NOKIA broker_domain broker_org grp_fc_net PPFF Total_Constrained_Demand 1139004000000 58 04Feb2006000000 DEFAULT_USER DEFAULT_ADMIN $null

i used recordWithNoID as record definition and record parser as delimiter, record identifer as Nth field.
record delimiter as \n, field delimiter as tab.

when i try to run it it throwing an error as
Could not run ‘schema’.

com.wm.ff.parse.ParseException: [FFP.0012.0004] Found no valid records.

Help me in this.


Similar issues have been discussed several times in the recent past (if I remember correctly, at least 2-3 times in the last 2 months), please search the forum and you will find answers to make it work.

HTH, Rohit