Flat File Document Retreival from TN

Did you set getAs=stream.if not do retrieve the content as stream.


Yes, I have set getAs=stream and partName=ffdata, which is the PartName that I see in the Document List DocumentParts/DocumentParts[0]/PartName

My understanding is that webMethods references large documents that are stored on disk by means of a pointer.

Is this pointer physically in the bizdoc document?

Are you on UNIX or Windows platform?
What version of IS are you on?

I am on a UNIX platform, running IS 6.1


Based on the settings you set in the service,it should work and retreive the content from the tspace location and bizdoc will retrieve depends on the bizdocEnvelope rec if document considered as large.

Still wondering where could be the issue.Sorry for the delay.


The message is indicating that there is an error retrieving the message.

In looking at the bizdoc,
1.) I noticed that the StorageRef in the ContentParts/ContentParts[0]/StorageRef document list is null
2.) The TN database table BIZDOCCONTENT, column STORAGEREF is blank as well

Shouldn’t the pointer to the disk location of the file be in both these locations?

I got this to work.

The problem that I had was that I had hard coded some values in the bizdoc. I had done this in an effort to try and debug. I then forgot about them, naturally they shouldn’t have been there.

Summary of Code:

TN setup for Large Docs, as per the manuals.

I created a flow service, which is a gateway. It has the wm.tn.doc:recognize and wm.tn:submit in it. I FTP to the directory which contains the gateway. It in turn kicks of the action of the processing rule (Execute a sevice, Action Tab in the Processing Rule Details).

The action is the execution a service called processFile, which contains the wm.tn.doc:getContentPartData.

Order of Execution:
Gateway - wm.tn.doc:recognize
processFile - wm.tn.doc:getContentPartData
Gateway - wm.tn:submit

NOTE: Don’t quite understand why this is the order it is happening, but that’s the way the debug messages are being displayed in the logs.

The wm.tn.doc:recognize service produces a bizdoc document. Within the bizdoc is the bizdoc/ContentParts[0]/PartName, which is equal to ffdata. The bizdoc document is mapped into the (object) bizdoc of the wm.tn.doc:getContentPartData. Within the wm.tn.doc:getContentPartData service the partName is set to ffdata and the getAs is set to stream.

This seems to work. The file is FTP’d successfully, I see it in the hard disk directory, wM then picks it up and starts to process it.