Flat File Developers Guide


I’m a new user in wmusers and read a lot about flat files here.
In several threads it is spoken about a ‘Flat File Schema Developers Guide’ or something similar.
Could anyone please help me, where to find this Guide?
I urgently have to create a flow in SAP Business Connector to map flat files to an PORDCR-IDoc.

I’ve just searched for the documentation here:

I’ll be glad about all references to this subject.


you can find under your IntegrationServer\packages\WmFlatFile\pub\doc\ folder.


If you hava access to “webMethods Advantage” (Or Product Documentation - webMethods Developer ) there is a "Flat File Schema Developer’s Guide 6.5 ".

Hi jaya0313,

unfortunately i haven’t this package (WmFlatFile), just WmDB, WmRoot, WmPartners, WmSamples, WmPublic, WmWin32

I got it from webMethods.
Thanks a lot!


I got the same problem, i.e. I am using the SAP BC and do not know how to obtain the Flat File Adapter. Did you get Access to webMethods Advantage?

Thanks in advance!


You can email to support @ webmethods.com requesting for WmFlatFile package along with your company info, but i am not sure whether this package works with BC /IS which is pre IS6.x version.