Flag after processing mail

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I hope this is the correct place.

I have a listener to pick up email sent to a specific email address. When received I use a flowservice to further check it and send it to tn. Works fine.
After picking up the email however, the email is marked with a red flag. I cannot find anything in the documentation about this.

Is there some possibility to not set this red flag? Red flags are used by ourselves to indicate we need to take action on a mail.

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Is this behavior new noticed by you ? The email listener port we use deletes the messages after every read so I will have to research more but I have never seen this behavior before.

Ashish Bania

If this is an IMAP Email port, webMethods uses flag to mark all processed messages. I didn’t see an easy way to bypass it. Usually if an email account is assigned to webMethods, no human being will check it manually.
Can you consider to change another color to indicate you need to take action on a mail?


No I noticed this behaviour before, but our project was still in a development state, so I did not bother too much. But now it will go to the productional environment and here the red flags are really annoying. We do not remove the mails, on purpose. The mail address is used by a lot of processes.

Thanks Xiaowei. I guess we will have to change our way of working, but it still annoys me that softwareag uses a red flag (of all colours available).

webMethods didn’t pick red color flag actually, it just marks it as FLAGGED https://docs.oracle.com/javaee/6/api/javax/mail/Flags.Flag.html I think red color is probably the default color for any flagged mail in your email client.

Thanks Xiaowei, I expected as much. Wouldn’t it be a nice feature though, to be able to not set flags or set flags in the color you prefer?