EDI Acknowledgement attribute

Does anyone understand how the out-of-box attribute name “EDI Acknowledgement” is populated? Each of our TPA has “FAReconcilation” set to “true”. Shouldn’t the attribute “EDI Acknowledgement” be set to value other than “NONE” and "DISABLE? Also, we have “autoGenerateFA” set to “On” as well. I couldn’t find any documentation on these out-of-box attributes and how it works.

How would one use this attribute if it only populate “NONE” or “DISABLE”.

Hi pth007,

I don’t know how the EDI Acknowledgement attribute is used. In our case (8.2), it is “NONE” for all EDI documents.

We use EDI FA Status for monitoring EDI FA’s. There are details in webMethods EDI Module Installation and User’s Guide.

Perhaps EDI Acknowledgement is an attribute that has been discontinued. Just guessing.


I believe that attribute is used for like a flag internally to retrieve the defined value from the EDITPA and decide to generate the FA for the received Inbound EDI and also used by EDI metadata tables of the TN/EDI tables (backend).

Also please check more in the EDI/TN Module BIS reference documentation.


Thanks everyone for your replies. I suppose “EDI Acknowledgement” wasn’t intended for use from the user perspective. We will have to look at a different approach for monitoring FA status. Will check Mary suggestions.