Fix not visible in IS "About" page after installing

Hi All,

I have installed the fix “SCG_9.5_SP1_TPL_Fix1” (Related to SFTP issue as shown below) in one development server instance using update manager. Installation was successful. But once the server is restarted the changes are not reflecting in IS and the Fix is not visible in IS ABOUT page also. What should be done for this?


The pub.client.sftp:login service fails with an exception during
load testing.

During load testing, the pub.client.sftp:login service fails with
the following exception:
com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: verify: false

I guess its common library fix. Check from Command Central

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Hi Varalahsmi,

you can use Update Manager to check the list of installed Fixes.

This is option 4.

If there is an issue with a Fix being incorrectly installed it can be overinstalled.

Start the UpdateManager the parameter -overInstall.

Unfortunately the command line parameters for UpdateManager are not documented in the UpdateManager Users Guide.

Shared Component Fixes are not listed under the IS About or IS Updates page.