First XML order after IS restart takes 15 minutes to process

We have a performance issue that has surfaced lately on our TEST webMethods Integration Server. We use wm IS 6.5 SP2 and our DB2 database is JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 8.12 (Oracle) on an AS400. The IS is running on a Windows 2003 Server. We actually run four Integration Servers. Two Production and one Test (soon to be third Production) and then the one Test in question.

We restart the wM IS every night at 1:30 AM automatically. The database server and the three other wM servers reside all at the same location while the Test server in question resides in another data center 30 miles west of here but we do have a 1GB Fiberoptic connection between the two data centers.

If I send the first test order to one of my flows on that server in the morning around 8 AM then it takes around 15!!! minutes to process. I have an SMTP Email sent when the flow starts and then after the order has been created. I will get the first email right away and the other Email about 15 minutes after that one. If I then send a second order through after the first one it only takes 10-20 seconds to process through.

We have not used that server for testing for a while and we never used to have performance issues that severe before. I don’t have that kind of issue it seems with our other IS servers.

I guess after the restart wm IS first needs to reestablish the EnterpriseOne connection when the first order comes through and that takes so long? I will do a test tonight and have a job process shortly after the IS resets around 2 AM and then do my test job at 8 AM. Although I don’t know for how long the connection stays established if there is no activity.

Does anyone have any comments, suggestions, insight?

Thank you


Did you monitor/check the IS Service Usage section whats going on processes/flows running/hung that moment causing the delays?

Also how big is that order and line items and is there any complex logic (conditions/db interactions) involved…these factors does depend on the delays and I believe your Test server had enough memory to process those orders/throughput while you doing performance testing?



thank you for your input. The one test XML order was the only thing going on on this test server at the time. No other flow services were handling other tasks. The order was not very complex. Like I said, if I submit it right the next time it processes the same order within about 10 seconds. Its just the very first order in the morning that takes so long. This is running on a VM ware install of Windows 2003 Server and has 4GB memory allocated. In server.bat we specify 1536MB for JAVA_MIN_MEM and JAVA_MAX_MEM. I might also want to throw out there that this is the oldest wM IS server we still have running. It was brought into service about five to six years ago. I am beginning to wonder whether may be I just need to uninstall wM and reinstall it? I may do that this weekend to see whether it makes a difference.

You are running 6.5 version, i guess you are running 32 bit OS/JVM.
Try to reduce the mem setting to 1024M for both MIN and MAX.
Also do some logging in your service to see where the delay happened.

Yes please try with above changes mentioned and re-test it that makes any difference:

As always on 32bit slows performance than 64 bit:)


Also, check if you have any issues with your SMTP server, sometimes it takes longer to get emails. I would suggest look at the server and application level logs for more accurate information on the processing times.

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